12 January 2021

NEWT Center will use nanotechnology to transform water treatment

12 January 2021,

Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment Systems, or NEWT, is a Houston-based U.S. national research center that is developing compact, mobile, off-grid water-treatment systems that can […]

31 December 2020

Power Generation Water Treatment

31 December 2020,

It’s not possible to really understand cooling tower makeup water treatment, boiler feed water treatment or boiler water treatment without understanding basic water treatment […]

2 November 2020

Water treatment plant Schönkirchen: Circulation of water in the oil production

2 November 2020,

In Austria (Southern Weinviertel) OMV produces about 700,000 tons of oil per year, satisfying around 10 % of the domestic demand. Besides oil and […]