14 September 2021

This is the Water Treatment Process | Sustainability

14 September 2021,

This video talks about water treatment: the process by which physical, chemical, and biological contaminants are removed or reduced to reach the characteristics of […]

10 October 2020

Water Filtration Experiment

10 October 2020,

Construct your own sand water filter and learn about water filtration systems with this easy science project. http://www.hometrainingtools.com/water-purification-science-project/a/1803/ List Of Items: 1/2 L of […]

19 September 2020

Beginner Backpacking Part 6 – Water Treatment and Storage

19 September 2020,

How can you make your water safe to drink while hiking/camping? What kind of container should you store it in? Sawyer Mini http://amzn.to/2Epy3i0 Sawyer […]

15 September 2020

How does drinking water treatment plant work? | Drinking water treatment Process animation

15 September 2020,

How does a Drinking water treatment process work?, Drinking water treatment plant process animation: Here working of drinking treatment plants with detailed drinking water […]

5 July 2020

Purification of water | Macmillan Education India

5 July 2020,

Watch this animation to understand: • Sedimentation, filtration and aeration • The process of chlorination and adding disinfectants • The journey of water from […]