16 January 2021

Wastewater Treatment P.S.A

16 January 2021,

Have you ever wondered what happens after you flush the toilet? Watch smart, little Iris and Commissioner Frank Avila of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation […]

12 January 2021

NEWT Center will use nanotechnology to transform water treatment

12 January 2021,

Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment Systems, or NEWT, is a Houston-based U.S. national research center that is developing compact, mobile, off-grid water-treatment systems that can […]

22 December 2020


22 December 2020,

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28 November 2020

Water Treatment – How does it work?

28 November 2020,

Yash, Anand, and Rachel explore the different chemical processes involved in treating water. This educational video/animation was inspired by a visit to the Hemphill […]

9 November 2020

Wastewater Treatment Plant – Wastewater Story | Class 7 Science

9 November 2020,

Get Notes Here – https://payments.pabbly.com/subscribe/5e2954ad14a2e43f1110d5ef/notes Class: 7th Subject: Science Chapter: Wastewater Story Topic Name: Wastewater Treatment Plant (18.2) Points covered in this video:- -What […]