Cold Water Storage Tanks and Water Tank Cleaning

We can help customers to carry out the necessary provisions of the various legislation regarding Cold Water Storage Tanks and Water Tank Cleaning.

An annual report on the tank condition can be given, which includes certification and photographs for inclusion in your log book

We routinely carry out TVC, Coliform and Ecoli sampling of the tank to ensure acceptable cleanliness .

Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning

Where clean and chlorinating of the tank has been deemed necessary certificates of chlorination will be issued.

Your attention is also draw to the HSE document Approved Code of Practice and Guidance HSC Legionnaires’ disease: The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems (2000) L8. This document sets out the requirements of risk assessment/testing/recording with regards to the risk from Legionella bacteria and is applicable to all commercial buildings.

Bring your tank up to WR2000 and L8 requirements

We can give your water storage tanks a new lease of life and bring them up to the latest requirements. If you are not sure whether your tank complies, contact us for a free quotation with no obligation. All work carried out by fully trained personnel. We can also provide new water tanks to your specific requirements. 


Specialist Paint Products

Full Cleaning Service

  • High Impact Surface

  • Rust Stabilising

  • Anti-Legionella

  • Chlorine Safe


  • Water tank cleaning
    & Disinfection

  • Super Chlorination
    (New Pipe work or Old)

  • Down Services Chlorination
    (Taps, Toilets and Shower Heads)


Legionella Control Association Code of Conduct

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