2 November 2020,

In Austria (Southern Weinviertel) OMV produces about 700,000 tons of oil per year, satisfying around 10 % of the domestic demand. Besides oil and gas, water is also extracted, constituting about 93 % of the total production. This produced water was formed millions of years ago by the enclosure of saline sea water in the reservoirs. However, the produced water must be purified before it is returned to the oil reservoirs again. Therefore, OMV built the new water treatment plant at Schönkirchen. In a three-stage water treatment process the oil in water content is reduced from 300 to 2 ppm. After this purification process the sea water can be re-injected into the reservoir. Furthermore, the process water and the sludge, which are effluents of the produced water treatment units, are purified separately.

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The walnut and the crude oil …

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