29 March 2020

Water Treatment for your Cannabis Grow

29 March 2020,

Any experienced cannabis grower knows that water treatment is crucial to the health and productivity of their plants. This webinar will discuss common misconceptions […]

23 March 2020

Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis in Water Treatment – Course Introduction

23 March 2020,

Are you interested in the fascinating world of membrane technology in drinking water production and industrial water treatment? Join us: https://online-learning.tudelft.nl/courses/nanofiltration-and-reverse-osmosis-in-water-treatment/

22 December 2019

EnviroChemie: wastewater and process water treatment with membrane separation processes

22 December 2019,

Envopur membrane plants for the treatment of industrial wastewater by reverse osmosis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and membrane biology. Typical applications for use are industrial […]

31 October 2019

NEWater: A Singapore Success Story

31 October 2019,

NEWater, a pillar of Singapore’s water sustainability strategy, is high-grade reclaimed water. Produced from treated used water that is further purified using advanced membrane […]

3 October 2019

Drinking water treatment process/Drinking water treatment/Potable water treatment

3 October 2019,

This describes the various steps involved in drinking water treatment/potable water treatment: screening, sedimentation, coagulation, flocculation, filtration, disinfection. It lists the requirements for drinking […]