15 September 2020

How does drinking water treatment plant work? | Drinking water treatment Process animation

15 September 2020,

How does a Drinking water treatment process work?, Drinking water treatment plant process animation: Here working of drinking treatment plants with detailed drinking water […]

16 August 2020

To learn about water and wastewater treatment, Sewage treatment, Process water treatment

16 August 2020,

This channel is about water and wastewater treatment technologies, advancement, research and development. Industrial wastewater needs some significant purification challenges before it can be […]

7 August 2020

How the eSpring Water Treatment System Works | Amway

7 August 2020,

Learn more about eSpring, a leader in home water purification: http://www.amway.com/at-home/eSpring How the eSpring Water Treatment System Works: – As water flows inward, a […]

19 June 2020

Purifying Water With Plasma

19 June 2020,

Michigan Engineering professor John Foster is working on a method to purify water with the fourth state of matter – plasma. Foster hopes his […]

10 December 2019

Flocculant/coagulant water purification (calcium hydroxide)

10 December 2019,

turn dirty water into clean water with flocculation or coagulation. I use a chemical called calcium hydroxide and i even show how to make […]