23 October 2021,

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This video session provides you basic information regarding water treatment system or reverse osmosis (R.O) system of hemodialysis.
This video gives information about water sources of water treatment system, distribution of R.O water, work, requirement and management of R.O water during hemodialysis.
This video also gives knowledge of water system types, components and parts of reverse osmosis system of water treatment system of hemodialysis.
So by all above points you can gets knowledge of water treatment system parts like, filters, booster pump tempering valve and parts of R.O system , sources, components, feed water, product water, distribution and management of R.O water system during hemodialysis.
Please see my video till end then you will come to know that, how can be filter feed water or municipal water in water treatment system, how dialysis water come to dialysis unit during hemodialysis and do good dialysis to patients.
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