10 January 2022,

A fast run through guide that shows you an efficient route to take when farming scrap and components from Water Treatment. This is a no-keycard and no-puzzle room route, meaning you can farm scrap and components in the quickest time possible and maximize your per run scrap total, without the need to bring anything with you.

Sometimes in Rust all you want to do is farm and whilst there are many great ways to move through Water Treatment, hopefully this is one of those efficient ways – laid out in an easy to copy guide.

In the video we count how many box and green crates spawn, look at the average amount of scrap that possible per run and all of it is done in 2:59 minutes. Check the end of the video for the totals.

00:00 – Introduction
00:18 – The run
02:20 – End of the run
02:30 – Totals

Music credit:
Dandelions – Prod Riddiman
Lovely – Prod Eric Godlow

Rust is an open world survival game available on PC and in Beta on Console (Xbox and PlayStation). The goal of the game is to design and build bases, gather resources and defend your loot against other players, groups and zergs. Play through the primitive early game and make it to end-game PVP with tier 3 weapons over the span of a wipe.

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