6 September 2019,

Peace. Tranquility. Relaxation. These are words that come to mind when in the midst of nature. In the go-go-go culture we live in, those sensations can be hard to come by. Listening to nature sounds, such as this recording of a stream, can bring back that feeling of calm.

This water sound has many different elements. Closest to the viewer/listener, you can hear the gentle sounds of water lapping. A little further back, you can hear the ambient noise of a stream. In the distance, you can hear the cascading sounds of water flowing over a small waterfall. And deep in the jungle, you hear the sounds of cicadas singing. All of the water sounds together create a relaxing ambience.

This water white noise is helpful for blocking out annoying sounds so that you can sleep, study, focus or relax. It’s 10 hours long so that it will remain playing all night long.

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Remember that loud sounds can potentially damage your hearing. When playing one of our videos, if you cannot have a conversation over the sound without raising your voice, the sound may be too loud for your ears. Please do not place speakers right next to a baby’s ears. If you have difficulty hearing or hear ringing in your ears, please immediately discontinue listening to the white noise sounds and consult an audiologist or your physician.

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