30 June 2022,

Wastewater Treatment: Molecular Tools, Techniques, and Applications provides an insight about the application of different tools and technology for exploring microbial structure-function relationships that involved in WWTPs. From the present day consequence of alarming usable water crysis throughout the globe, an immediate action on water cycle is necessary. Along with other options the waste water recycling is one major opportunity to combat the future scarcity. The book aims to provide a comprehensive view of advanced emerging technologies for wastewater treatment, heavy metal removal, pesticide degradation, dye removal, waste management, microbial transformation of environmental contaminants, etc. It also describes different application of Omic tools in Waste water treatment plants (WWTPs),describes the role of microorganisms in WWTPs, points out the reuse of treated wastewater through emerging technologies, also includes the recovery of resources from wastewater and emphasizes on cutting edge molecular tools for WWTPs. We hope the content of the book will be very much usefull for the community who are directly associated in wastewater management research, people who are associated with environmental awarness programme and the students of UG and PG courses. Features: This book highlights the importance of molecular genomics, molecular biology techniques to sort out the problems faced by industrialist who operates wastewater treatment plant with the ever-increasing number of environmental pollutants. Describes application of different Omic tools in Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) Describes the role of microorganisms in WWTPs Points out the reuse of treated wastewater through emerging technologies. Includes the recovery of resources from wastewater Emphasizes on cutting edge molecular tools This book targets engineers, scientists and managers who require an excellent introduction and basic knowledge to the principles of molecular biology or molecular genomics in the area of wastewater treatment. Different professionals working or interested in the Environmental Microbiology or Bioremediation or Environmental Genomics field. Students on Environmental Biotechnology/Microbiology.

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