16 October 2021,

The water that people use in their homes and businesses comes from nature. An important part of the water cycle is cleaning and returning it to nature so it can be used again.

Animals and plants that live in our rivers and lakes need clean water to live in, to drink, and to grow the foods they eat. Cleaning wastewater (sewage) protects the environment and protects public health.

Learn about the water cycle and take a look behind the scenes of how Metropolitan Council’s Environmental Services cleans and returns water to nature.

0:00 Open
0:40 We Love Water
1:32 Where does rain come from?
2:00 How does water get to homes and buildings?
2:33 What if you don’t live near a river?
3:22 Look underground!
4:15 Visit the Wastewater Treatment plant!
4:31 Preliminary treatment
4:51 Primary Treatment
5:38 Making cake!
6:12 Secondary treatment
6:35 Bacteria!
7:43 Final settling
7:57. Chlorine contact channel
8:29 Last step to cleaning the water
8:48 Metropolitan Council Environmental Services
9:10 How you can help protect our water!
9:53 Send comments or questions or even request a treatment plant tour!

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