29 July 2020

Problem Solved: Flow Rate Formula – Water Treatment, Distribution and Wastewater Math

29 July 2020,

American Water College Presents – Problem Solved! This is the solution to a typical flow rate problem, found on state certification exams. It is […]

17 July 2020

Water Treatment Math | Chlorine Dose Calculation

17 July 2020,

Learn How to calculate chlorine dose in this video, using the our Five Step Process to solving math problems. Visit our website: americanwatercollege.org Send […]

26 September 2019

5 Common Questions on Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam

26 September 2019,

For more practice problems: https://www.waterandwastewatercourses.com/ To enroll in a test-prep course, click here: https://water-and-wastewater-courses.teachable.com/p/water-treatment-operator-certification Latest blog post: https://www.waterandwastewatercourses.com/test-questions-water-treatment-operator-certification-exam/ . This video covers 5 common […]