21 June 2022,

Offering a comprehensive view of water-treatment technologies, Nanomaterials for Water Treatment and Remediation explores recent developments in the use of advanced nanomaterials (ANMs) for water treatment and remediation. In-depth reaction mechanisms in water-treatment technologies, including adsorption, catalysis, and membrane filtration for water purification using ANMs, are discussed in detail. The book includes an investigation of the fabrication processes of nanostructured materials and the fundamental aspects of surfaces at the nanoscale. The book also covers the removal of water-borne pathogens and microbes through a photochemical approach. FEATURES Explains various chemical treatments for the removal and separation of hazardous dyes, organic pollutants, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals from aqueous solutions, including adsorption, advanced oxidation process, and photocatalysis Discusses the rational design of nanoporous materials with a tunable pore structure and fabrication of nanomaterials by surface chemistry engineering Covers the role of nanomaterials-assisted oxidation and reduction processes, design of nano-assisted membrane-based separation, and multifunctional nanomaterials and nanodevices for water treatment Provides an understanding of the structure–activity relationship and stability of ANMs under critical experimental conditions Identifies potential challenges in the application of multifunctional ANMs for future research Nanomaterials for Water Treatment and Remediation is aimed at researchers and industry professionals in chemical, materials, and environmental engineering as well as related fields interested in the application of advanced materials to water treatment and remediation.

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