7 August 2020,

Learn more about eSpring, a leader in home water purification: http://www.amway.com/at-home/eSpring

How the eSpring Water Treatment System Works:

– As water flows inward, a small turbine spins, powering the UV lamp.

– Untreated water fills the chamber and is forced through the prefilter and carbon block filter. This stage effectively reduces over 140 health-effect contaminants. Beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium are not removed.

– The water is then channeled to the bottom of the cartridge and sent back up, through the stainless steel reflector. This allows the water to receive maximum exposure to the UV lamp. The UV lamp destroys 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the water.

– Fully treated water is then directed out of the system and into your glass!

– After the water flow stops, the UV lamp remains on to help treat the next glass of water. This ensures instant access to treated water without wasting energy.

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