22 November 2021,

Rapid population growth, urbanisation and industrialisation have caused serious problems in terms of water pollution and the supply of safe water. Solutions for monitoring pollutants in water and for removing them are urgently needed and they must be both efficient and sustainable. Recent advances in emerging environmental nanotechnologies provide promising solutions for these issues. The physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials can be tailored by controlling attributes such as their size, shape, composition, and surface, so that they can be both highly specific and highly efficient. This makes them perfect platforms for a variety of environmental applications including sensing, treatment and remediation. Providing an array of cutting-edge nanotechnology research in water applications, including sensing, treatment, and remediation, as well as a discussion of progress in the rational design and engineering of nanomaterials for environmental applications, this book is a valuable reference for researchers working in applications for nanotechnology, environmental chemistry and environmental engineering as well as those working in the water treatment industry.

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