11 August 2021,

Cities Skylines Eco inland treatment plant
The Sunset Harbour DLC has added a brand new form of sewage treatment to the game, with this Eco inland treatment plant it allows you to treat water without the need for a water body to put the waste into and also produces less ground pollution

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The Inland Water Treatment Plant is an expansion of the Water service, and it enables you to build cities completely inland, far away from open water sources. With the Inland Water Treatment Plant, your city can process waste water without pumping sewage into lakes, rivers or the ocean. The Inland Water Treatment Plant does create high ground pollution however, so placing it next to residential areas or bodies of water is not advisable. Advanced variants of the Inland Water Treatment can process higher quantities of sewage while creating less ground pollution. The Eco variant produces even lower ground pollution levels but also has a lower drain capacity.

The Inland Water Treatment Plant and all of its variants can be found under the Water and Sewage build menu. The Inland Water Treatment Plant and the Eco Inland Water Treatment Plant are unlocked at city milestone 0. The Advanced Inland Water Treatment Plant is unlocked at city milestone 8, and finally the Eco Advanced Inland Water Treatment Plant is unlocked at milestone 10.

The Inland Water Treatment Plant is built on land, alongside a road. It can be connected to the water network simply by building water pipes to its connector node underground, in the exact same way as every other water pump, tower and drain pipe. Once functional, the Inland Water Treatment Plant starts generating ground pollution around the building but purifying the water.

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