11 June 2022,

Bioclere™ is a modified trickling filter over a clarifier (settling tank) that is designed to treat wastewater with varying organic and nutrient concentrations. Its natural fixed-film biological treatment process is resilient, energy efficient, compact and simple to operate. Within the Bioclere filter, wastewater is evenly distributed over the surface of plastic media where microorganisms known as biomass attach themselves to the media and consume BOD/COD and ammonia-N. Residual solids from the treatment process settle in the clarifier below the filter and are evacuated by a recirculation pump while clean effluent leaves the system by gravity. Modular Bioclere™ units can be installed in parallel to treat large flows or in series to achieve higher performance standards.

0:00 Bioclere Introduction
1:07 Bioclere Internals
1:39 Primary Settling & Flow Equalization Stages
2:26 Different flow rate & Performance Standards arrangements
2:46 How the Bioclere combines with our MBBR for High Performance
3:21 Tertiary Treatment
3:40 Bioclere Advantages
4:17 Company Contact Information

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