7 October 2020,

World most Advanced Japanese Water Treatment Plant | Kagoshima | Japan

Water Treatment plant made in 1965. Water treatment plant is producing purified drinkable water directly from tap. There are only 12 countries all over the world which has tap drinkable water, Japan is one of them. Kagoshima water power plant is accommodating 40% requirement of the city by producing 500 pools of water every day. whole procedure of water filtration and purifications is keenly observed and performed in a controlled high- tech environment. We started by a detailed lecture given by plant engineer. He briefly explained all the steps involved in water purifications in lab. Then he took us to all the physical sites of plant to have in-field experience. Furthermore, we have seen control room and high-tech environment where water analysis is performed in real time to keep an eye on water purification process on each step. We are very thankful to the whole team from the plant on such a wonderful visit.

Power plant has following procedure for water purifications:

1. Water from the river is directly pumped and stored in the storage tank.
2. Addition of chemicals and screening is performed.
3.This screening helps to form the flocks, which settles at the bottom and removed.
4. Then water is passed through sediments layers which acts as a filter.
5. The last step is to do chlorination which further purifies the water.

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