7 April 2021,

Learn why imported mangoes are hot water treated, what the process looks like, whether organic mangoes receive the treatment as well, and if they are safe to eat.

Download your free table for how to select and store mangoes here: https://www.theproducenerd.com/grocerytables/

For more information on the specifics of the hot water treatment, you can access the Federal Register here: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2003/01/02/02-33049/hot-water-dip-treatment-for-mangoes

0:00 USDA APHIS hot water treated label
0:17 What does the APHIS hot water treated label mean?
0:47 Do organic mangoes receive a hot water treatment?
1:03 Why are mangoes hot water treated?
1:14 The role of APHIS
1:34 What does the hot water treatment consist of?
1:44 Are the treated mangoes safe to eat?

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