19 January 2022,

In this video, I did a comparison of the TacH2O Aquatabs and the Aquamira water treatment tablets. While (In my opinion) the Aquamira is better in a bug out situation, the Aquatabs are more versatile and have less side effects, and can be used long term.
Aquamira is Chlorine Dioxide which can’t be used long term and poses risks to pregnant women. Aquatabs is Chlorine (NaDCC) which can not only be used to clean water, but can be used as a disinfectant as well. Here is more information on that: http://www.aquatabs.com/home/about-aquatabs/faq/
The TacH2O Aquatabs 100 tablet refill package is available at Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/TAC-H2O-Refill-Aquatab-Purification-Tactical/dp/B019KZ0GVI/

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