9 May 2022,

Wastewater Treatment Residues as Resources for Biorefinery Products and Energy reviews wastewater treatment processes and the use of residues. The viability of end use processes for residues, such as incineration, cement additives, agricultural fertilizers, and methane production are reviewed and analyzed, as are new processes for the use of residues within a fuels production system, such as pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction and syngas. Specialized chapters discuss fractionation of biomass, the production of compounds from volatile fatty acids that conceptually proceed from the anaerobic acidogenesis of residues, and a final analysis of the overall productivity and viability that can be expected from these production schemes. Discusses processes for the production of high value-added products and energy development from sludge Provides value-added technologies for resource utilization in wastewater systems Outlines sustainability assessments and comparisons of technologies and processes

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