30 January 2020,

Tutorial to build you own aerated waste water treatment sewage system at a fraction of the cost of a commercial system.

If you build a similar system I’d love to get a photo or short video link of it. Please email it to jacob@makesciencefun.com.au

It might be helpful to watch my original sewage video first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2IffEyiuu8&t=10s

You can actually build this system with 5 tanks if you don’t need to treat 1,000 litres per day. Tanks 1 and 2 anaerobic (no air blown in). Tanks 3 and 4 aerobic (air blown in). The 5th tank would be for chlorination.

It’s very important to keep the tanks all on the same level.
Every three years or so I need to discharge Tank 1 (Through the large valve at the bottom). I am able to flow it onto my trailer which I then use to fertilise the garden. If we did not use toilet paper, and used a bidet instead, I would guess that I would only need to discharge it every 10 years.

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