13 April 2021,

Using our Enviroscape mini model of a town, we’ll discuss the water treatment process.
Be sure to pause and discuss the following questions –
0:30 – What are some ways you used water today?
1:00 – Can you guess where we get the raw water from?
1:50 – How many of you would want to drink water directly from this river?
4:10 – Can you guess what we use in our treatment plants as part of our filters?
5:04 – Should you drink the water at this point in the treatment process?
5:24 – Do you know what’s used to disinfect your drinking water?
6:04 – How does water get to your homes from the treatment plant, and how do we store it until our customers are ready to use it?

For more lessons and activities, visit: https://www.amwater.com/njaw/Water-Information/Water-Learning-Center/

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