28 July 2020

Lecture 7 Water Treatment System Unit Operations

28 July 2020,

Lectures Series on Water & Waste Water Engineering by Prof C.Venkobachar, Prof. Ligy Philip, Prof. B. S. Murty Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. […]

3 July 2020

Ozone system for water treatment – OZONIA SUEZ

3 July 2020,

SUEZ ozonia® M, a revolutionary, high-performance ozone system for water treatment, up to 25 kgO3/h. This innovation increases ozone capacity, reduces energy consumption and […]

6 April 2020

Waste Water Filtration – Water Supply and Treatment in the UK (7/7)

6 April 2020,

For more like this subscribe to the Open University channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXsH4hSV_kEdAOsupMMm4Qw Free learning from The Open University http://www.open.ac.uk/openlearn/science-maths-technology/engineering-and-technology — The processes at a sewage […]

4 January 2020

Wastewater Treatment Plant

4 January 2020,

How does the treatment plant work? Kingsport Public Works takes you on a tour of how our plant works.

27 December 2019

Researchers Look To Nanoparticles For Wastewater Treatment Solutions

27 December 2019,

For many producers, especially those in the poultry industry, treating wastewater is a long and expensive process. Researchers at Georgia Tech are looking at […]