28 November 2020

Water Treatment – How does it work?

28 November 2020,

Yash, Anand, and Rachel explore the different chemical processes involved in treating water. This educational video/animation was inspired by a visit to the Hemphill […]

23 October 2020

Ice Water Treatment For Achilles Tendinitis, Ankle Sprains and Plantar Fasciitis

23 October 2020,

Before using this treatment make sure you’ve had your injury assessed by a medical professional. This video is designed for the treatment of mild […]

4 October 2020

Lecture 36 Industrial Wastewater Treatment

4 October 2020,

Lectures Series on Water & Waste Water Engineering by Prof C.Venkobachar, Prof. Ligy Philip, Prof. B. S. Murty Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. […]

28 September 2020

The Municipal Water Treatment Process

28 September 2020,

3D animation that illustrates the municipal water treatment process. I completed this project for my graphic design undergraduate program at Iowa State University during […]