8 May 2020

Barry’s Wastewater Treatment Tour

8 May 2020,

Learn how your wastewater gets treated by taking a tour inside the G.E. Booth (Lakeview) Wastewater Treatment Facility. Video produced by the Region of […]

4 January 2020

Wastewater Treatment Plant

4 January 2020,

How does the treatment plant work? Kingsport Public Works takes you on a tour of how our plant works.

14 December 2019

Barry’s Water Treatment Tour

14 December 2019,

*2010 Award of Excellence winner – Videographer Awards – Category: Government/Educational* Have you ever wondered how your water gets treated? See the inside of […]

15 November 2019

Water Treatment Plant Tour – Submersible Membrane Filtration

15 November 2019,

http://www.watersifu.com/ A tour of a 40 MGD submersible membrane filtration, water treatment plant, with DAF pretreatment systems, and pH and alkalinity adjustments.