1 January 2020

Trident Processes | Wastewater Treatment and Sludge Dewatering Solutions

1 January 2020,

Trident Processes provides custom solutions and turnkey systems for industrial and municipal wastewater and sludge treatment applications. Our customers are municipal wastewater treatment plants, […]

10 December 2019

Flocculant/coagulant water purification (calcium hydroxide)

10 December 2019,

turn dirty water into clean water with flocculation or coagulation. I use a chemical called calcium hydroxide and i even show how to make […]

5 October 2019

GCSE Science Chemistry (9-1) Waste Water Treatment

5 October 2019,

Find my revision workbooks here: https://www.freesciencelessons.co.uk/workbooks/shop/ In this video, we look at how to waste water is treated before it is released back into […]