16 July 2020

Wastewater treatment

16 July 2020,

Sydney Water’s wastewater treatment explained

5 June 2020

Yorkshire Water Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works Investment 2016

5 June 2020,

Paul Carter, Yorkshire Water Communications Manager for Hull and East Riding gives details on the £30 million investment into Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works […]

3 April 2020

Water and Wastewater Treatment An Introduction to Chemical Dosing

3 April 2020,

Chemical storage and dosing systems are utilised in both water and wastewater treatment processes. The type of chemical and the application of chemical varies […]

1 April 2020

Overview of our home sewage treatment plant

1 April 2020,

The property we purchased came with a small sewage treatment plant, which is capable of receiving wastewater from buildings not connected to mains drainage […]

5 February 2020

Here’s where New York City’s sewage really goes

5 February 2020,

New York City is home to 8.4 million waste-producing people; that’s a lot of toilets, drains, and sewers. It takes 14 wastewater treatment facilities […]