16 January 2021

Wastewater Treatment P.S.A

16 January 2021,

Have you ever wondered what happens after you flush the toilet? Watch smart, little Iris and Commissioner Frank Avila of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation […]

10 January 2021

32 # Sewage Treatment | Civil Engineering | ESE | GATE | Vishal Sir | IIT Alumni | ERP

10 January 2021,

Subscribe us to get new videos Notification https://www.youtube.com/c/onlineengineering?sub_confirmation=1 #OnlineEngineering offers complete video package for Civil Engineers preparing for various exams like GATE, ESE, SSC- […]

23 December 2020

Wastewater Treatment Video 7: Effluent disinfection

23 December 2020,

In this series of videos, a staff member of the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) explains the technical steps in the process of treating […]

17 December 2020

Calculation of Alum dosing rate in wastewater treatment

17 December 2020,

Calculation of Alum dosing rate in wastewater treatment: Coagulation and flocculation calculation: Alum is a coagulant used in wastewater treatment plant, in this video […]

1 November 2020

Aeration in water treatment in hindi

1 November 2020,

Hi I am Rahul Welcome to my youtube channel Civil Notebook. About this video- Dosto is video me app logo ko aeration in water […]