4 August 2021


4 August 2021,

Precipitation? Water Treatment? Soft water and hard water! Mining? Not about raining? The often overlooked chemical reaction! It’s often ignored but has many uses! […]

26 December 2020

Comparing Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

26 December 2020,

Dean Johnson of TV’s Hometime compares drinking water treatment technologies. To learn more visit http://www.kinetico.com. To download the President’s Cancer Panel’s report, Reducing Environmental […]

29 November 2020

AQUALINE Water Treatment Technologies Membrane Bio-reactors MBR

29 November 2020,

AQUALINE Waterwater Treatment Unit Membrane Bioreactors MBR Series from 50 m3/d to 760 m3/d MBR systems are the best available technology for wastewater treatment […]

10 October 2020

Water Filtration Experiment

10 October 2020,

Construct your own sand water filter and learn about water filtration systems with this easy science project. http://www.hometrainingtools.com/water-purification-science-project/a/1803/ List Of Items: 1/2 L of […]

26 July 2020

Creating Mini Wastewater Treatment Plants

26 July 2020,

Student teams design and then create small-size models of working filter systems to simulate multi-stage wastewater treatment plants. Drawing from assorted provided materials (gravel, […]