3 December 2021,

Normally, the nose and sinuses clean themselves by draining mucus during the day. Many people do not notice this slow drainage of mucus into their throat.
When the lining of the sinuses is swollen, mucus may not drain well from the sinuses. As a result, you may feel congested. Rinsing your nose with saline moves mucus, dirt and dust from your nose and sinuses. This may help you feel less congested.

When you rinse with a device, such as a bottle of Neti pot, you are “irrigating your sinuses.” This is also called sinus lavage or nasal wash.

Ask your health care provider how often you should rinse your sinuses each day. If you have had surgery, rinsing your sinuses can help with the removal of crusts and scabs and promote healing. Ask your health care provider how soon after surgery you should begin rinsing your sinuses.

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