13 January 2022,

The Solomon Island Water Authority is in the process of designing and building new and improved water treatment plants for their communities. These new plants are expected to utilise the same treatment technologies Seqwater uses to treat drinking water each day.

As a way to share our water treatment knowledge with our Pacific neighbours, Seqwater recently hosted a group of delegates from Solomon Water on a tour of Seqwater’s Capalaba Water Treatment Plant.

The tour, led by Seqwater Coordinator Supply Operations Southern Region Ian Cuthbertson, was an opportunity for the delegation to see first-hand and learn about the water treatment processes and innovative technologies being used by Seqwater to remove contaminants from raw water and to improve and protect water quality.

Drinking water treated at our plants meets the stringent standards set by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, which have been endorsed by the World Health Organization.

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