8 March 2022,

The water treatment plant on Lighthouse (Escape From Tarkov) is a compound guarded by Rogue USEC AI and it contains a substantial amount of high tier loot; anything from bitcoins to graphics cards to moonshine. But it seems that many people do not know where these valuables exactly spawn. That’s why in this video, I’ll go over precisely where the high tier loot spawns are, along with weapon mod spawns, food spawns, and anything else that’s notable. This video will cover rare item spawns, rare loot spawns, bitcoin (btc) spawns, GPU spawns, money spawns, etc.

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Rouge Clearing Video: https://youtu.be/kYPw3z4BtHs
Loot Map: https://imgur.com/a/ZwNizuI
Loot Map w/ Route: https://imgur.com/a/nd52FxN

0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Map Overview
3:02 – Front Loot Spawns
3:49 – Southwestern Loot Spawns
5:11 – Southeastern Loot Spawns
6:58 – Northeastern Loot Spawns
7:32 – Northwestern Loot Spawns
8:00 – Front of Building 1 Loot Spawns
8:39 – Building 1 Loot Spawns
9:38 – Building 2 Loot Spawns
10:34 – Building 3 Loot Spawns
11:09 – My Recommendations
11:51 – Outro

Items I Missed:
Rare item spawn in a box near USEC Rouge Stash

Game: Escape From Tarkov

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