31 July 2020,

Kaveri drinking water treatment plant for Bangalore, Bangalore tourism Karnataka tourism. The intakes or intake works are the devices or structures installed for the purpose of drawing water from source like river, canal, lake or a reservoir. Water is made to fall in the form of thin sheet, over a series of steps. During the fall, water mixes thoroughly with atmospheric air and get aerated, absorb oxygen for the reduction of taste, odor etc. Suspended particles in water are permitted to settle only by gravity. The process of adding certain chemicals for accelerating sedimentation and the effective removal of very fine and colloidal particles is known as coagulation. Alum is the most widely used coagulant in water treatment plants. The process of passing the water through the beds of granular materials (Filters) is known as FILTRATION. Filtration may help in removing color, odor, turbidity and pathogenic bacteria from water.

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