2 November 2019,

Completely up-to-date coverage of water treatment facility design and operation This Second Edition of Susumu Kawamura’s landmark volume offerscomprehensive coverage of water treatment facility design, from thebasic principles to the latest innovations. It covers a broadspectrum of water treatment process designs in detail and offersclear guidelines on how to choose the unit, process, and equipmentthat will maximize overall efficiency and minimize maintenancecosts. This book also explores many important operational issuesthat affect today’s plant operators and facility designers. This new edition introduces several new subjects, including valueengineering, watershed management, dissolved air flotation process,filtered reservoir (clearwell) design, and electrical systemdesign. It provides expanded and updated coverage of objectives forfinished water quality, instrumentation and control, disinfectionprocess, ozonation, disinfection by-product control, the GACprocess, and the membrane filtration process. Other importantfeatures of this Second Edition include: * Practical guidance on the design of every water treatment plantcomponent * New information on plant layout, cost estimation, sedimentationissues, and more * English and SI units throughout * Help in designing for compliance with water treatment-relatedgovernment regulations Supplemented with hundreds of illustrations, charts, and tables,Integrated Design and Operation of Water Treatment Facilities,Second Edition is an indispensable, hands-on resource for civilengineers and managers, whether working on new facilities orredesigning and rebuilding existing facilities.

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