30 July 2020,

As a principal supplier of water and wastewater in Western Australia, we have developed a way for the community to get an overview of how the plants in WA operate.

This virtual tour, led by a plant manager takes you through one of Water Corporation’s wastewater treatment plants. The tour is a fun and engaging way to learn about the processes involved in treating wastewater and returning it back into the environment.

To learn more about wastewater checkout: http://goo.gl/fjCivO

0:55 – Where Does Wastewater Go
1:14 – Beenyup Wastewater Plant
2:03 – Where the Recycling Process starts
2:48 – Screening
3:26 – Grit Removable Tanks
3:47 – Primary Treatment
4:10 – Sample of waste water
4:25- Secondary Treatment
5:24 – Secondary Sedimentary tanks
5:57 – The Journey to the Ocean
6:18 – When It Reaches the Ocean
6:42 – What happens to the Sludge
7:25 – Dealing with the Smell
8:10 – The Control Room

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