23 October 2020,

Before using this treatment make sure you’ve had your injury assessed by a medical professional.

This video is designed for the treatment of mild achilles tendinitis, swelling from ankle ligament sprains and tendinitis in the plantar fascia.

Take a bucket, bowl or cooler box
Half fill it with water
Add Ice cubes or ice blocks
Leave it for 10 minutes if you want the water to be really cold
Immerse the foot / feet in the water for 6-8 minutes

The first 60 seconds may feel really uncomfortable if the water is close to freezing point. You may experience a very heavy ache in the lower leg and this may extend into the hamstrings and glutes. If you get past the first 60 seconds then things gradually start to feel more bearable. Keep your feet moving to avoid warm water collecting on the surface of the skin. After 6-8 minutes, remove the feet and either place them in a bowl of WARM water (not hot) for a few minutes to bring bloodflow back to the toes (or dry off and put on a pair of socks and allow the feet to warm up over the next 60 minutes).

This treatment will help with reducing:-
Inflammation in tendons and ligaments
Pain in the ankle area
Swelling following a sprain or strain

Use this ICE WATER treatment in conjunction with other prescribed therapies such as K-tape support, electrical therapy and physical therapy.

Ice the foot / feet twice (or 3 times) per day in the acute stage of injury and reduce to once a day when things start to improve.

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