5 September 2020,

Urban Exploration: Abandoned Wastewater Treatment Plant (English and German subtitles are available!) Episode #95

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It’s already been abandoned for over 20 years: The old wastewater treatment plant of a small German town. It was also the former water-processing unit of a huge power station and the big tanks in the outside area of the plant are silent witnesses of the old industry. Where thousands of liters of water had flown through the pumping system in the past, now dominates complete silence. In the halls of the building complex everything was left behind. Unfortunately most of the equipment was destroyed or stolen by now but the whole place is still a sight to see. Join us for a glimpse behind the scenes of this impressive plant!

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“Slow Motion” – Bensound
“The Walking Dead – Billy Van Remix” – Billy Van
“Endeavour” – Azaleh
“Shallow Oceans” – Kim Aspen
“Somnia” – Azaleh
“Tomorrow” – Bensound

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