1 July 2020,

Dialysis RO Water treatment plant for Kidney treatment in Hospitals n Home Tescon aqua tech.

Water plays key role in Kidney Dialysis treatment, as you all know, dialysis acts like a artificial kidney functioning, so when blood contacts the water, if water is filled with minerals and bacteria, it will be dangerous for the patient. So we design water treatment plants to deliver high pure water for Hemo Dialysis process for Hospitals and home dialysis.

We provide a comprehensive line of medical device dialysis water systems designed to meet your clinic’s needs for production output and monitoring capabilities. We offer basic machines to more advanced systems all of which are compliant with today’s AAMI guidelines . Additionally, Tescon aqua tech Purification offers a wide variety of dialysis water products and services, in addition to water systems, to ensure that hemodialysis clinics and their employees have the equipment, products, information, and service to effectively provide their patients with the highest quality water available.

The recent adoption of higher standards by AAMI means the quality of water used in dialysis treatment will increase. The new AAMI standard has 2 important aspects to it. First, acceptable microbiological levels have been reduced by more than 50%, as noted in the chart below. Second, the testing protocol used to determine bacteria levels is a much more sensitive cultivation technique yet includes a deviation to allow for other test methods. The net result is that existing water system designs may or may not consistently produce water that meets the new AAMI standards.

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