22 May 2020,

When you’re far from civilization, the water can contain Giardia, bacteria, Crypto—all kinds of nasty little buggers that can make you sick. Instead of wondering whether water is safe to drink, make it so with Aquamira® Water Treatment Drops.

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops are perfect for the clean water you need on longer trips or when treating water for groups. This effective water treatment system is compact and lightweight—so toss it in your pack or pocket, and you’ll always have access to clean drinking water. Aquamira Water Treatment Drops are colorless, odorless and make water taste better.

So don’t let bad water get in the way of your greatest adventures. Include Aquamira Water Treatment Drops in your gear list to treat water fast—and avoid the cramping, nausea and illness that can stop you in your tracks.

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops: Preferred by backcountry travelers, instructors and guides since 1999.

Treats up to 120 quarts/30 gallons
Chlorine dioxide formula kills waterborne pathogens better then iodine or chlorine
EPA registered water treatment
Made in USA

Ideal for:
Disaster preparedness kits
Water storage
Personal water treatment
Emergency water treatment

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