20 November 2020,

Car Wash water treatment system aka reclamation system is designed for vehicle washing bays and saves up to 85% fresh water.

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Car washing consumes large quantity of water approximately 150 to 350 liters. If Carwash wastewater is released in environment without treating will be a threat and source of public and environmental health hazard.

Car wash Wastewater effluent:

Car wash industry today, are more conscious of the need for wastewater treatment and water reclamation.

Waste waters from car washes consist of dirt from the cars like, sand and dust, chemicals used for the washing, materials from washing equipment, as well as lubricants and other chemicals. Pollutants of concern in car wash effluents include diesel range organics (DROs) like oil and grease, carbon, asphalt, surfactants, salts, detergents, phosphates, ammonium compounds, heavy metals, acids, organic matter and microorganisms.

RT ECO Car wash Wastewater Treatment System:

RT ECO, Advanced Hybrid Wastewater Treatment technology, has made it considerably easier for owners to use water reclamation systems.

RT ECO Systems are designed to cleanse used water of debris and helps in minimizing the amount of freshwater lost during each wash cycle. RT ECO Systems are developed and applied with the Electro coagulation / flotation and Oxidation technique to treat and reuse water for car washing which saves considerable amounts of water.

The RT ECO Carwash ETP Systems has two types of electrochemical reactors – one for electrocoagulation and flotation in purple, named as NURAI CELL, and another for electro oxidation in green named as ELECTROGEN, with different electrodes unique to each effluents.

RT ECO Uses smaller footprint and requires 90 to 95% less space than conventional plants. Reduces labor requirements and can be automated easily.


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