6 January 2022,

BIO-UV Group, an innovative industrial SME, is a French manufacturer of water treatment and disinfection equipment using ultraviolet, ozone and AOP. The company was founded in May 2000 and is the European leader in the private and public swimming pool and spa market. With more than 115 employees in France and Scotland, the BIO-UV group designs, manufactures and markets ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection systems and concepts adapted to numerous applications:

– Automatic treatment for private pools and spas,
– Disinfection and/or dechloramination in collective pools and spas,
– Purification of fresh or salt water in aquaculture and aquariums,
– Domestic and communal drinking water treatment,
– Production of drinking water in isolated areas using photovoltaic energy,
– Treatment of wastewater, whether reused or not,
– Disinfection of industrial process water and ultra-pure water,
– Legionella treatment,
– Treatment of ballast water: BIO-SEA®.
– Disinfection of spaces and surfaces
– And other applications…

With a turnover of more than 32 million euros in 2020, BIO-UV Group markets its systems throughout the world: 70% of the group’s sales are exported.

The experience of the managers in the field of health, water treatment and engineering, the use of the best and most recent UV-C emission technologies allow the BIO-UV Group to provide efficient and innovative water treatment and surface disinfection processes.
Every day, BIO-UV Group’s design office and engineers respond to new needs with the ability to produce specific reactors on request. The mastery of CFD design is a key asset.

More information on BIO-UV Group: https://urlz.fr/gnzI

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