18 January 2020,

Revised to reflect the changes in water treatment over the past few years, the fifth edition of Basic Water Treatment remains one of the first choice references on all aspects of water quality and treatment systems. A best selling text, this book has been written by two of the world’s leading experts in the field and is a widely-accepted introduction and practical guide. Focused on issues of most interest to practising water treatment engineers, it summarises the key issues and criteria in short and accessible sections with additional theory to explain and support the treatment processes considered. The book presents up-to-date information on western European and North American water-quality standards but it also takes account of treatment in other developed areas, and in developing and less developed areas. A section has also been added on the institutional structures of water supply across the British Isles. Basic Water Treatment is an essential resource for water engineers at all levels. Ideal as a textbook for students, a handbook for mechanical engineers and chemists who need to put their specialised knowledge into a broader context and a guide to managers and non-technical staff who wish to understand some of the quality and technical issues relating to water treatment.

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