3 August 2022,

This video is Part 6 in a series on Backcountry Water Treatment methods.

It is a discussion of Ultraviolet light’s germicidal capacity and the disinfection capabilities of available UV products, including the Steripen. Topics include the relative effectiveness against different pathogen types (cyst, bacteria, viruses), the effect of water condition on performance, safety hazards involved with UV devices, and issues regarding proper use for making water as safe as possible.

View the full Backcountry Water Treatment series here:

00:11 Introduction
00:51 Ultraviolet Light
01:58 UV Disinfection Overview
02:43 Turbidity
04:11 Electronic Device Issues
05:05 Battery Life
06:31 Mercury Arc Lamps
08:39 Pathogen Reduction
10:57 Cryptosporidium
11:24 Lamp Brightness
12:26 Water Temperature
12:52 Residual Protection
14:00 Dark Repair
14:56 Excystation vs Infectivity
15:48 Steripen Performance
16:29 Effect of Turbidity
18:02 EPA Standard and Proxy Organisms
20:53 Adenovirus
23:34 Repeated UV Doses
24:27 Low Battery Voltage
26:01 Published Steripen Study
27:53 Intensity vs Time
29:25 Bottle Type and Agitation
32:23 Proper Agitation
34:50 EPA Standard is a Minimum
35:52 Home Experiment
37:36 UV Light Exposure
40:23 UV LED Bottles
41:52 Stagnation Tests
43:43 Summary

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