10 May 2022,

An Integration of Phycoremediation Processes in Wastewater Treatment reviews the potential of microalgae to treat wastewater containing highly recalcitrant compounds whose degradation is not achieved by the conventional existing treatments. In addition, the book describes how the microalgae collected after wastewater treatment can be used for obtaining added-value products, hence closing the loop and contributing to a circular economy. Finally, the technoeconomical aspects of this green technology are addressed, along with the design and development of photobioreactors, genetic aspects, metagenomics and metabolomics. Deals with emerging aspects of algal research, with a special reference to phycoremediation Covers diversity, mutations, genomics, metagenomics, eco-physiology, culturing, microalgae for food and feed, biofuel production, harvesting of microalgae, separation and purification of biochemicals Describes the techno-economical assessment, microalgal biotechnology and algal-bacterial systems for wastewater treatment Presents complex issues associated with cutting-edge biotechnological tools and techniques like next-generation sequencing methods, metabolomics and bioreactor design and development

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